Research Power Tools

Philipp Winter
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Academic research is messy! Long hours, course work, pressure to publish, paper rejections, conflicts among collaborators, failed experiments, and pushy advisors. All of this takes a toll.

It certainly took a toll on me, which is why I wrote the book that I wanted to read as a new Ph.D. student. This book presents guidelines and tools that will make you a more effective researcher. You will learn the following:

  • Tips for version control.
  • How to read a paper effectively.
  • Strategies for writing papers.
  • Ways to organize effectively.
  • Tips for coming up with new research ideas.
  • Best practices for academic programming.
  • Effective communication with others.

All these tools will make you a more effective, organized, and fulfilled researcher, allowing you to focus on the essential while blending out distractions.

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Research Power Tools

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